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Pressure reducing valves
Réducteurs de pression
Редуцир вентил за вода
Reductores de presión
Válvula redutora de pressão
Basinç düşürücü vana
Редуктор давления
Redukčné ventily
Redukční ventily
Reduktory ciśnienia
Reduciri pritiska
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Malgorani @ Deca Trade LTD - Bulgaria
Tuesday 11 May 2010
thumb_logo_deca_trade_2.jpg Our company has been operating in the construction materials’ market for more than 18 years and was the first company to import hydro-thermo-sanitary products like industrial armatures, bathroom articles, plumbing & heating articles (like valves, pressure reducing valves and filters) and radiators from Italy, Greece, and other European countries.
As the years passed by we became popular in the whole country with our good prices, quality, management and service which is our main company policy also. Starting with a small range of not more than 200 articles in 1992 , we are now a leading wholesaler and importer in the field with an array of more than 4000 articles for plumbing, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and bathroom articles supplied by more than 50 manufacturers from Europe and Asia.
With our fast expanding market, and now as a member of the European Union and utilizing our vast distributor and sub-distributor network established throughout the entire country and our own vehicles with regular schedule we deliver the goods “from door to door” directly to the client and to any point in the country. 

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Deca Trade ltd.Bulgaria, 4000 PlovdivVassil Aprilov blv. 170

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