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Pressure reducing valves
Réducteurs de pression
Редуцир вентил за вода
Reductores de presión
Válvula redutora de pressão
Basinç düşürücü vana
Редуктор давления
Redukčné ventily
Redukční ventily
Reduktory ciśnienia
Reduciri pritiska
Nyomáscsökkentő szelepek
Malgorani @ Hydra Valves - Syria
Thursday 24 March 2011
hydra_logo.jpgHydra, was established in 2007.despite its youth, it has successfully & rapidly grown to become the leading company in importing valves for the entire Syrian market.Presently, Hydra is far ahead of the competition, specializing in valves trades, in various sectors including Water and HVAC. We support the all water and HVAC valves.We exclusively represent reputable international companies including: - Arco Spain - MUT Meccania tovo.- Malgorani.- Oventrop.
 Our Mission:
·        To cover the complete range of valves that customers may needs to add value to our customer’s business.
·        To deliver business benefits to customer through high quality and competitive prices
·        To achieve maximum customer satisfaction over the entire life cycle of our customer solution, via our excellence of products.

Our Vision:
Our vision is to create a network, a mutual success, in which our main guideline that paves our path is that Customers are our partners. We continuously, aim to improve our performance to satisfy our highly valued customers with superior qualities, best prices, and updated solutions.

Hydra Valves ltd
Ashor Bldg. Ground floor
Syria – Damascus
Mob. 963 947 393 999
Telefax 963 11 6244728

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